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Communicating For Managerial Effectiveness

Communication: Problems. Strategies. Solutions.






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6th Edition


Communicating for Managerial Effectiveness skillfully integrates theory, research, and real-world case studies into models designed to guide thoughtful responses to complex communication issues. The Sixth Edition builds on the strategic principles and related tactics highlighted in previous editions to show readers how to add value to their organizations by communicating more effectively.

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The Author

Meet Phillip G. Clampitt

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Phillip G. Clampitt (PhD, University of Kansas) is the Blair Endowed Chair of Communication at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. 

He was previously designated the Hendrickson Named Chair of Business. His research focuses on improving leadership communication, assessing communication effectiveness, managing uncertainty, and transforming pushback into progress. 

Phil has over 40 years of experience in university teaching and business consulting. His lifelong passion is to explore the dynamic relationship between leadership, communication, and big ideas. 

He loves hiking, biking, spy novels, and chamber music.

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Appreciated by thousands of thoughtful students, successful managers and aspiring senior leaders around the world. 

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